Colorado River at Diamond Creek

This video is from an April 2017 trip to the Colorado River at Diamond Creek.  We spent 24 hours sampling for dissolved oxygen and argon.  The argon will be used to estimate the degree to which the river is in equilibrium with the atmosphere.  We hope to use this information to improve our ability to model ecosystem metabolism (primary production and aerobic respiration).  In the video I am using a “MIMS bong” developed by Hilary Madinger at the University of Wyoming.




Exploring Lake Powell

I arrived in Flagstaff, AZ in early October to start a postdoc with Charles Yackulic at the U.S. Geological Survey Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center.  I am diving in to a very new and exciting ecosystem, and am surrounding by an impressive collective knowledge regarding Lake Powell and the Colorado River.  I was able to tag-along on a routine monitoring trip up to Lake Powell & was immediately impressed by the vastness of the reservoir.  I read that if one were to stretch the Lake Powell shoreline out at full pool it would stretch 1900 miles (a distance equivalent to the entire west coast of the U.S.)!  It is the second biggest reservoir in the United States but is currently only at approximately half of its full capacity.  We sampled at the forebay to characterize the water entering the penstocks of Glen Canyon Dam.img_0369